Why Are You So Paranoid?

Don't be so....

I think that everyone is paranoid to a certain extent. I mean... paranoia is just a reflection of insecurity no? myself included.

Currently listening to a track off of Travis Barker's new mixtape?album?

If You Want To - ft. my man Pharrell and of course Lupe. I hope you guys give it a go, it reminds me of Spazz- N.E.R.D. is it just me?

Bright Lights, Bigger Cities video.

preach preachah

idk why I'm drawn to this photo, but I like it. Yeah I'm twisted and fucked up, but then again who isn't?


hahaha I wonder what's in it.....

hehe I see what you did there.

okay I know this shit is weird, but I couldn't help but share it with you all. I saw this and all I could say was --the fuck is this???

National Geographic you are my hero. SO COOL.

I think I'm gunna buy these for our house, they're awesome.

Why are things in Japan so cute? I mean even their gas tanks are more creative than half the shit in America.

999 [NewBalance] x Concepts. Boston stand up.

J. Scott stop creating things "I cannot afford" -Borat
okay so I probably wouldn't actually wear them, well not that often anyway. But they'd be kickass to have around.

I know I posted this months back but I just came across it the other day and realized how much I need to buy something like this. I still haven't played battleshots either. sadface.

for the love of God why don't these come in silver.....
Vans Vault x Santigold

I WANT TO TRY THESE [although I can't stand whiskey]. it's a shame when I think about it really..they'd be perfect.

Sir Richards condehms. fuckin' in style at least? I really like the colors they picked (o:3

 one day, when I get enough monies to buy a quality camera. I'll get the Burton F-Stop backpack.

history on snowboards, I like it. Too bad I'm terribad at snowboarding, I don't like the feeling of my feet being trapped together. It's like FUCK, how the hell am I gunna get up?

custom BP table? uh I'm down to play on one of these badboys.

Supra "Black Bear". I love simple things.

Hold on while I change underwear.....
portable N64...........life is complete.

^ necessary.

I probably use them as frequently as they are in that order.

not really sure what she's putting on, then again who cares.

So glad I got the opportunity to meet him, twice. Yeah I'm gunna brag, it's fucking Kanye West. Met him when College Dropout first dropped.

I love the salads my Mom makes. One of my closest friends from high school put me on to salads, and I've been a fan ever since. Sabina Loda, gratzi.

goodnight readers (o:3

keep it raw.