I Think They Call This, Venting.

There's so many things that I have to put up with in my life, along with everyone else. I really do try not to complain, but sometimes there gets to be so much that I feel like screaming actually scream. I'm the type of person who tends to compare what I'm going through to the grand scheme of things. I try not to dwell on the bad experiences, because I tell myself "someone, somewhere has it worse than I ever will". That usually works, and when it doesn't I tend to either go for a run.drive.let it out here. Venting. So if you're reading something and the tone of it is in a certain way, take what I say with a grain of salt [not all the time though, because I exactly what I feel usually comes out here]

They call me Jay Electronica, Fuck that, Call me Jay ElecHannukah, Jay ElecYarmulke,Jay ElecRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor.


>I need this on my desk in the near future so I can just point to it.

>I've never watched the Notebook....sue me? but I came across this quote and it seemed to be pretty fitting.
>“That’s the problem with us. We’re both stubborn asses and always want to get our way. We both hate to be wrong and love to be right. But that’s the thing about love. No matter what happens, we always come back for each other, one more time.

>when I was in middle school I remember I memorized the first 30 digits of pi for pi-day. nerd for life, yeah I'm proud motherfucker. okay...so I no longer can remember that many digits, ya caught me.
>3.14159265358979 <--- all I know now.

>word.forgiveness is easy forgetting on the other hand...nearly impossible. I forgive more for the other person's sake than for myself. I mean if someone is asking for forgiveness why wouldn't you give it to them, it's when they don't ask, that you should worry.
>how I feel right about...now.


this is legit all I need in my life right now no bullshit.

these are fucking AWESOME.

 I ask myself this every once in a while, and if the answer is no, you already know the next question is why.


so romantic. change those roses to lilacs though, and enlarge portions. And we're in business my freng.

probably not, men [and women] are silly (o:3

Sisqo is that you?? oh wait.

I legit say this all the time when something annoys me, I know it's terrible but it's so fitting sometimes.

sometimes I'm a victim. shit is a problem though. fucking texting <--- die.

I actually agree with this statement, surprisingly.

Lupe is the truth. I'd much rather just deal with shit than resort to anything else. If you're not feeling anything how do you even know you're human?

then don't do anything to make that statement a reality.

 skc this one's for you and me.

there's nothing more attractive than a man who is more than willing to show anyone and everyone the passion he has inside for the people he cares about.

here's a glimpse at the BMW 6 series coupe. Not really a fan I kinda like the whole "boxy" look on sports cars but I guess that's just me?

my heart goes out to everyone who is/was effected by the tsunami/earthquake.

This clock makes me never want to have a regular job.

quit being a pussy.

what a kickass engagement ring. although I'm always down for anything unconventional, I'll stick to a single band.

and you and me, no matter how we toss the dice.

You're awesome.

hipster trap.

holy fuck that's awesome!

which one is it?

rofl copter.

I love this album.

keep it. just keep it.