Apparently it's Spring, who knew? They say it's supposed to snow tomorrow, but I'm clinging on to any form of hope that they're entirely wrong.

Haven't been doing anything too interesting lately, yeah I know I'm boring haha. That'll change as soon as the weather gets nicer, and I stop feeling like it's socially acceptable to be a hermit.

I fucking hate when people keep doing this.

Starbucks b-cafe by Hiroshi F.

watch this. or else. (o:3

Fuck America.

Obey "Sunset & Vine Billboard"

there's a guy that does this in Harvard Sq. during the warm months, he's better than this guy but he's not so bad. I think I have something from him in my house somewhere......

Nice backside.

Vans Chukka '95

Clarks x Supreme 

Futura is the shit I can't wait to get a better look at his "New Works" exhibition.

Klhip Nail Clipper. This nail clipper is made out of surgical steel and I know it looks weird but the flyaways stay inside the clipper!

This is the world's most realistic robot. I tripped, I hope you guys do too.

one hr. old baby elephante. cute doesn't describe this enough.

thankfully I deleted that shit.


stu this one's for you <2

where the fuck is summer?

Mescudi, you speak truths.

not really sure if you'd be able to call those shorts, but she looks hot so I'm wit it.
Rihanna for Rolling Stone

sometimes I feel like I'm from a different generation.

random fact. I don't like my eggs any other way besides scrambled. (o:3 with cheese please. cheddar.