Lost In The Fog

I'm not sure why I keep putting off posting. I don't know I think it's because I haven't really wanted to take a good hard look at myself lately. I've been failing miserably at being a granddaughter. This needs to.has to.will end. I've been losing ground on some other things lately as well. School, doing things that interest me, taking time out for myself <--- which doesn't make sense seeing as I don't get much of anything else done -___- I honestly just wanna know where the fuck my time is going, I feel like I'm not being productive enough.

I was talking with a friend the other night about feeling alone. More so now then growing up, which is both surprising and frightening. Being an only child never used to bother me that much, yes, there were times when I've never felt more alone. But I think the issue that's scaring me is that LIFE is setting in, it's actually happening, and I think that's the alone that not only myself, but everyone's afraid of.... 
words for thought.

Should I be productive and start studying for my quiz tmrw? Nope, need to eat and catch up on Californication (o:3

I came across these the other day. The tearaway concept is dope, probably wouldn't buy em' but for all of you avid 4/20 paraphernalia people, I hope these ground protectors help you get lifted.

I meant to post these a while ago. By far my new favorite candy!

I'm a big fan of men in boots. When worn properly of course!
Timberland 6 Inch Boot x Nom de Guerre

I think I just gained more respect for Starbucks <--- I didn't even insert an f!!!! Although I'm almost certain it's because I just really like fragment.

I've been to Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy! but I never got a chance to check out the things that I wanted to see. Including the Someday Store in Melbourne.

Incase x Andy Warhol Not really a fan of the colors [except for black of course] but I mean...I guess?

Larry M. you're amazing for these. 

ACCLAIMmag.com | SWOON INTERVIEW from ACCLAIM Magazine on Vimeo.

apparently stripes are making a comeback! [thankfully I didn't give all my striped shit away] 
Head Porter Brighton collection

speaking of stripes... I already showed you the products, so here's the retail space! 
Nike x colette

these wallets are illnasty. Not to mention they feature Monsieur Andre, and that they're made of Tyvek. 

if I saw a guy wearing these.....only God knows the things that would happen. kidding. sorta, not really though.

It's not a purse....it's a satchel.
Cambridge Satchel x Dover St.

Guy L. <--- his name is GUY! awesome concept

Rum Cha-Yen aka my new favorite must try beverage. google that ish.

Jeffrey Campbell

aklsdjhaklsjdakljdklasjdklasjdklasiosfnd3ri53i515jo Nothing else expresses my excitement for this camera. From this day forward everything I make, a portion if not all of it will go towards buying this.
SBTG x Canon EOS 1100D 

K. Lagerfeld for Diet Coke.

Samsung Galaxy 8.9 
specs: "Powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb and a dual-core 1GHz processor, the 8.9 features a 1280x800 8.9-inch display, HSPA+ networking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a three-megapixel rear camera, a two-megapixel front camera 16/32GB"

I need one of these magic beans.
Joulies. they're non-toxic and apparently they cool the scalding beverage of your choice down, and then keep it warm!

Vans, laceless.

I'm so glad these exist!!! Blunt umbrellas!!!!!!

for when you're getting raped by school work. 

this ring is near perfect. [needs to be more silver-y though]

I really like this shirt. size small por favor!

I need to get my hands nails on a bottle of this holographic nail polish.

well, when your mission goes terribly wrong, there's always a way out...

I know who I'm gunna be for Halloween!

Dave, these are great. I'll take a kiwi.
edible pens man, why didn't they have these when I was growing up.

hehehe idk what it is about pictograms but I love 'em.

match art.  way too much time on your hands art.

let's go somewhere, just us two. We need a vacation.

mwahaha take that evil hot baked goods!

like these!

awesome video worth watching.

if you own a Nano, this is the only acceptable use I see it having. 

sardine paper clips (o:3

perfect meat tenderizer. I'm buying this.


who is this magician of a bartender?!

Humblot, thank you. 100% scratchproof, anti-allergenic, and rust-proof, not to mention I really like this in white.

Dream home.

Supreme Spring.Summer



that hair has gotta go.

GUSHERS. How I missed you. 

I hope to visit them all!


to all the pretentious assholes:

this is awesome.


seriously though, where the fuck is my shirt......

yumyumyum perhaps we should go to a place where they sell this for dinner?

can't wait. here we come.

kk off to sleep!

how I feel in the morning ! (o:3
immediately followed by this word

keep it raw.