Smooth Sailing.

Hey all! I'm sick of starting off every post with an apology and a promise to post more often. So rather than carry on with that bullshit, I'm just gunna shoot it to you straight. I haven't really had the time to update as much as I used to, and when I do have the time it seems like more of a process than before. Constantly coming up with ideas or things to talk about can get kinda tiresome. But I've taken my share of time off and am going to up the ante with the monthly numbers. Enough is enough. fuck being lazy.

Everything's been going pretty smoothly in my life for the past month or so, I really can't complain. But that's just it. Should I be complaining? Just because everything's going alright, does that mean there's no more room for improvement, or have I bored myself so much that I've become content with scheduled lapses of bliss. Truth be told I don't really miss all the crazy situations followed by morning anvils and lethargic "tell-all" sessions. Truth is I kinda like how life is letting up a little. I can begin to focus on things I want to do, fuck yall. <--- kidding. But in all honesty that's where I've been and that's where I continue to go, I just have to remember to take you guys with me. Or at least take a few snapshots so you won't be left in the dark (o:3.

I went to NYC for a week and a half so that explains the slack attack on posting. I haven't really been going out too much, due to insufficient funds. But not to worry Hawaii will be here soon enough and I'm sure something will grab your attention.

Ever wish you could play COD or what have you on a long road trip? But clearly there's no way you could have botch a mobile screen and room to have the gaming system of your choice at the same time. Who ever came up with this is a genius.

this is the only briefcase worth owning. ever. it's BBQ season!

If you're a fan of Entourage and you love exclusive footwear well you're in luck. These are in tribute to the series ending after this season. Once I get more info. so will you (o:3

Hyperfuse x Nike Windrunner jackets! I really like the bright colors but that's just me.

Nixon Milk Collection. I'm usually a fan of all black everything, but for some reason all white everything has been gaining more and more appeal as time wears on.

Allure Nightclub? Uh where do I sign up? Unfortunately I don't have any monies for a plane ticket to Abu Dhabi. Did I mention it's a nightclub on a yacht?!! Do I have your attention now?

I'm not a fan of Wiz nor do I like his whole Taylor Gang or die movement, sue me. But for those who do here's a pair of custom blazers. Jet Life!!!! naht.

All the reasoning you need to stop comparing LB BlowJob to the GOAT [greatest of all time] Michael Jordan.

Pie Crust 101. I really wanna bake a pie right about now.

If only my Dad was into cool stuff like this, I'd get these for him for Father's Day. When I grow up I'm gunna be a cool Dad parent.

Question me one more time....

This is why it's not safe to ride your bike in New York City.

The world is moving towards 3D printing. It allows you to not only print anything you want and turn it to reality, but it virtually eliminates sewing!

This needs to be within reach when it starts to rain. Especially when I have to walk to class with my backpack on in ze rain.

I don't even know how many basketballs I own but I know it's far too many than the normal person should have. Not that I'm a fan of normal, just sayin. Spalding finally came up with a way to stop air from leaking out! Which is a relief because I have no idea where my pump is, along with the rest of America.

I need to buy this! It's a lot smaller than the suckit uk one I currently own. And is way more discrete <--- a quality I love in both people and in products.

The new M5 is making want to abandon my dream of getting a 350Z. It comes with twin turbo V8s, what more could you ask for?

My Grandma turned the big nine zero a few weeks ago. She's never been better (o:3 and she's the sharpest old person I know.
our food took about 12897501 years to prepare. Of course my order was the last to come out, I ordered a tuna melt.... -___-

My Grandpa didn't really notice hehe.

My Dad is one cool cat.

I love lemons. that is all.

I went to this place in NY called All American Burger, it's fucking awesome. It's pretty much what you get when you mix McDonalds with actual edible ingredients. 

I got semi-forced into walking the Brooklyn bridge when I was there but it wasn't a total bust. I got to see what a really cool person would like in building form.

not nearly enough optical zoom.

This fridge by Northstar is probably the only fridge you need in your life. It comes with a built in tap, and if you have them assemble it in your house you can tell them how much room you want the keg to take up, so they can build around it! Not to mention it has that whole retro look going for it.

why wouldn't you want arcade style buttons as your on and off switches? that's what I thought.

this is proof that we're entering the age where the interwebs are taking over.
you can now search with images instead of words!

who needs to waste quarters anymore when you can just get this neat joystick! [does not come with iPhone]

ever wonder how a computer virus is made?
Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

this is awesome! the entire thing is made out of switches!!! Valentin you're a genius

Will Prince these are fucking amazing.


keep it raw.