Look What You Created.

Ever get the feeling that your actions aren't your own? But that they're actually reactions to others? Like you wouldn't normally act that way, but given the certain situation/circumstance..it's like you were... do I dare say it?, forced to act that way? Or is that your true self shining through. For instance say you're not one for arguing or confrontation, yet you find yourself in a fist fight that's clearly one sided. You knew it wouldn't end well, but it was like someone told you to do it. Now I'm not talking about the "little voices inside your head" I'm talking about the big obnoxious loud ass voices inside your head. The ones that shit on the whole devil's advocate outside, and silence any and all hesitance or uncertainty. I'm not really sure where I was going with this, or what my point even is really haha [what else is new] but I do know that I'm going to start being more careful with my actions. You never know what ripple effect may transpire because of it.

One of the reasons I've been absent for a while [other than the fact that I was just plain lazy] was that I went to fucking Hawaii! Visited my cousin Rob there, he's in the Marines. Us cousins, all seven of us, thought it'd be a great idea to visit him in paradise. Best idea yet.

might have taken an illegal photo....

we made jello shots in orange slice form, does it get any better?

they have steak/shrimp plates there, probably one of the best meals I've had in years. And it costs a little under thirteen dollars.

haha avocado street.

I look super lanky and weird, not to mention twelve. But <--- like I'm gunna stop, my cousin and I were matching so I thought it was worth showing.

they have a bunch of street performers in Waikiki, this guy was on his way to his post, thought it was fucking hilarious, so I followed him. I missed him getting off the buss though, phone was too slow.

we took a stroll through the Army museum, some interesting stuff there.

I had a blast, if you get the chance to head to Hawaii. do it.

work clothes are not a good look for me haha.

hbc and friends attend a pool party?

My family on my Mom's side came to visit right after I got back from Hawaii, had a little get-together the other night. fiddy pound fish? don't mind if I do.

I saw this in the International isle the other day when I was food shopping with my Grandma, don't worry she didn't see it nor do I think she'd even understand the humor in it.

came home to hundred-degree bullshit. no thanks. luckily it's cooled since then.

My friend Ty all the way from Amsterdam did me one of the biggest international favors ever. He sent not only sent my stroopwafels <--- best cookies on fucking earth, but he sent me a hand written letter! I love letters! Thanks again Ty, your Fruit Loops should be arriving shortly.

these new bags are beyond amazing, please head to the nearest supermarket and test it out for yourself.

This past weekend some footwear dropped. The ever so highly anticipated Ray Allen 13s, along with the Space Jam SBs. My semi-insane yet incredibly reliable friend whom I owe about 2913710 favors Anthony, was kind enough to snag me a pair. What's an inch of air compared to hundreds of unnecessarily spent dollars? nothing. Thank you again Anthony.

I think you guys could've used a bunch of these though.

speaking of footwear, here's some made outta food. Footwear and food, my fucking favorite. 
AIR METT 90 from Sneaker Freaker Germany on Vimeo.


Johnathon D. gives us his spin on metamorphosis.

Star Wars Xbox 360? the concept blows my mind entirely, I love the fact that they used C3PO as inspiration for the controller.

paintball street art? take a gander.

I like this one too!

Parmesan cheese pencil?!?!?! this concept just shredded all fractions of my mind, too bad The Deli Garage sold out of 'em. I want a set of these so badly it hurts.

Just in case you guys didn't have the proper technique down pat. I'll let it fly this time. seewhatididthere.

I bet some uber trendy hipster will be sporting this around with his Toms on and his Jack Spade messenger tote, while I scream fuck off from a far.

I'm not too good at the game because I tend to under-think it, which is a surprise for my overshot neurons. Anywho, if you're like me and can't stand when people take too long, grab one of these badboys.

why wasn't I invited?


homeboy Lorenzo Duran has taken Chinese paper cutting to a whole new raw level. 


I want a pair of these headphones, and I don't have enough space for all the fucks I don't give about the fact that these scream alternative.
Birch headphones, there is a God.

I would love to wear this to a fun lunch or something, maybe for a stroll down Newbury?

this too.

this is the best fucking idea ever. It's a newly designed peanut butter jar so you can get every last bit out from both sides, pure and utterly smooth genius.

Hitchcock, need I say more.
Hitch from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

Steve Buchemi in dress form??? 

I always wondered who stole all those shopping carts, and the purpose for the annoying locks on one wheel.

iMeshi makes these crazy realistic iPhone cases.

Persona. it's kinda like the "what's in your bag" idea but it's awesome-er.
Natalie Video Persona from J Trav on Vimeo.

I really like this.


tapehooks! I would love to hang my jackets on these.

this dude is clearly a G. gangster.genius.gentleman.

gotta start them off early.

I can't believe this is a real place.

twenty-four degrees Fahrenheit, also known as the perfect temperature to store and drink beer at. This beer froster can keep up to one-hundred and twenty cans of beer ice cold. When can I pick mine up?

this is the sexiest hookah I have ever seen. Of course it would be designed by Porsche.

Absolut Elyx
"distilled in a vintage rectification still, with columns, pumps and hand-forged pipes all in copper, with additional copper packets which are used to purify the vodka, and made from the finest Råbelöf-sourced wheat and water from the company's own natural underground springs"

The Dark Knight Rises.

Nike Hyperfuse.

Leisure Diving anyone? Seems to be just diving in plank stance to me though.

I cannot wait to live in a loft apartment. This one shits on anything I've seen thus far.

Cant wait to do this to my own set of stairs.

when the fuck do I move in?!

I also need to purchase this bread box for said apartment.

this took thirty-five years to build "Rolling Through The Bay"

mildly creepy

don't forget to, she's the only one you have.

This would be really nice.

8th best producer of all time.

thank you for being ever so patient. I will continue to post as frequently as possible. 
To the new readers, I welcome you.
And to the seasoned vets, I must be doing something to keep your attention right?

keep it raw.