Balancing Act.

How much weight does one side get, compared to another in order to stay level? What if one has a spring on one end, does one side need to compensate to help bring one side down to an equilibrium? Or is it fact that two sides in balancing act, are never really equal. As if one's always trying to give more while one is picking up. I've been seriously asking myself these questions lately, I'm not crazy I very well could be. Who isn't? Do both sides of the equation have to even out? Do both sides of the account have to balance? <--- clearly I go to business school. Honestly though, if one side is benefiting from the other, does it matter what the reasons are? I guess it might, if the reasoning were to weigh more depending on the vantage point no?
IF YOU ONLY READ ONE THING OUT OF THIS POST, I suppose it should be this: What does it take for both sides to feel balanced?


I'm not really a fan of Starbucks <--- I think that's the first time I spelled their name with a B instead of an F actually. But I do find this rather interesting, and will definitely give it a go the next time I stumble into one.

Summer's almost over and I haven't even gone [legit] swimming yet. I bet if I had this suit that wouldn't be the case. I'll select that start any day. that came to mind, I swear I like men haha.

hahah you can buy one of these yuge coins to make ordinarily large objects look small. 

Carli D. shake that.

party Rock candy necklace is in the house tonight. It's an awesome idea, couldn't get better really. The candy is dipped in epoxy so it keeps its form and whatnot.

Do you want a revolution?

REVOLUTION from Bill Newsinger on Vimeo.

this shirt is bad ass. I would wear this to work/instantaneously.

Anja M. that is crazy small.

Glass beach trip anyone? it was originally formed because Cali people used to dump anything.everything.possible into the ocean, thus leaving glass shards everywhere!

TRIM. this dude is crazy, but I loved every second.

Trim from Petey Boy on Vimeo.

Sarah I. these are awesome. 

SUPREME Fall/Winter. do me.
holy shit do you remember these?!!

I would like the green ones. please.

Supreme Flying Logo Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Video from Slam x Hype on Vimeo.

Futura x Supreme, life is good. Now pay me.

I would get both pairs, just for kicks. Also because I that album and Mr. Jackson. and I ain't sorry.
Supra Thriller edition. only four-hundred and thirteen pairs made.

Rex Arrow you make make a mean video. Mac Miller- Frick Park Market, I don't really even necessarily like the dude.

Clot x Kuumba. lemony fresh smell for your room? why not.

Arsenal : 125

Amber Johnson I would buy nearly all of these. I might not have anything left to put in them once I do buy them but that's okay. I can fill them with whatever's left of my dignity. 

Not really sure why this costs six beeg ones. But I'll certainly try to copy this if I ever take tech. ed. again. I love the concept.

2012 Mercedes Benz SLK55 AMG. words can't describe to you how badly I would want to own one of these. I wouldn't even mind it in white <--- that's how bad.

Nike Airmax I Smoke. I like it. I'd advise all men who like this style and are in need of a new black everyday sneaker, to consider this one. Especially if you're not a leather guy.

Caddy ELR? no thanks, good try though.

I posted a while back about this bar in somewhere, with a drink that requires a sphere of ice. I mentioned how I was really just in it for the ice. My prayers have been answered I can now do it myself at home!
Cirrus Ice Ball Press.

keep it raw.