Everyone has them, knows about em', and has more than likely crossed them at some point in their lives. I've been thinking a lot about these so called "invisible" [yet sometimes physical] lines that are set by either ourselves or society. And what the real purpose of said lines really are. For instance, if you know you shouldn't repeat a secret confided in you out of confidence, but the information told to you is about your best friend and how they'll eventually be the ones suffering. Do you cross that line and tell them? Or do you keep your mouth shut, and just let the card fall where they may...? These are all hypothetical situations of course, I'm just picking my own brain here. I guess the line I'm driving at is, if we all have them, which ones do we pay more attention to, and which ones are okay to cross? Is it an even exchange, or does one side in a relationship have an unfair advantage.


hbc and I grabbed a bite at Veggie Planet, although I'm a hardcore carnivore, not gunna lie the food was great. Not to mention the huge ass crouton she got for her salad.

I tend to take pictures of Boston on nice days, while driving. I know I know it's really dangerous blahblahblah.

Been hitting the town with my friend of eleven years. We tend to make obnoxious faces sometimes, sue us.

My Grandma's cat is such a cutie (o:3 sorry for the blurryness though.

speaking of my Grandma, her and I ordered Domino's at 11 last night. She's ninety-one years old, get on her level.

I'm so thankful my job doesn't have a strict dress code.

I always manage to see the nicest cars whenever I'm driving home.

There's this neat hotel close to Mexico City where you can opt to stay in a tube? it beats the hell outta me too, not to worry. But I suppose I'd give it a go for a night. book it for yourself aqui.

you guys know I'm an avid fan of weird stuffs, so there's no doubt why I like these bookmarks (o:3

this dude is a boss. bossman. boss sweater.

I digg the concept, but not sure if I'd get one. sick bookcase though no?

it's ah me Mario, thank you for playing N-64 who's next?

The Flake concept is mind boggling. Not sure if I truly like the idea of it, but I'll admit it's ill. The plates of the car all lay flat unless the car's about to turn. in which the plates on one side stick up to make sure the car is heavily grounded. Cars of the future huh?

Olympic Looting team. too soon?

Pray for London though, all serious.

Tottenham Riots / Fires over London from itdrewitself on Vimeo.


Armin B. This door is crazy, not to mention your house is beyond dope.

Market Bag.

srsly gais? 

I'm not really a fan of hiking, but these were definitely made for the avid mountain climber. sixty-five bills. Timberland.

Google bought Motorola Mobility for forty bills a share. I guess that's what happens when you're backed into a corner.

speaking of Motorola, the new Defy. Is exactly what its name in tales. It Defy's dirt, water, dust, and scratches.

I'd like one of these nao please.

this ring is made out of graphite, I love.lovelove it.

WTT. for those who haven't bought the physical CD yet, what the actual fuck are you waiting for?! it's a black cd and the art work is awesome. Get on it.


watch it watch it, bitches just watch it.

I need two purrs. Keep stompin' in my Air Vac 1s. Not to worry your pretty little superstitious head, they're dropping before Labor Day. The upper is all one piece and the sole is translucent. 

Mom, I know what I need for school! Desktop Jellyfish tank.

Iced Coffee concentrate? Don't mind if I do. Thank you Grady.

Emergency Drink Station. Need I say more.

Who's down to play chess. In this particular set the pieces are made outta bullets, kickass.

I moustache you a question, is that a tie clip?

I want this straw, now please.

Levi x Filson Fall/Winter

Uniqlo x J Fall [ I love them all ]

I just wanna know what I have to do to get a company to treat me like this one day. please, anyone?
all ORIGINALS adidas. It comes with four shirts, a box of chocolates, custom lace locks, and of course the kicks.

hipster enough? if not check out the Derby shoes, they should put you over the edge.

or the new Docs

Bless, you. Cuz whoever over there came up with this is awesome. I need.want.must own this belt.

KIDULT x Kenzo. and that's why he's a motherfucking G.

KIDULT X KENZO from eric on Vimeo.

Ashton Kutcher's trailer. Not only is this thing bigger than my entire block, but the roof can be raised by hydraulics to show the second story. 

For those who haven't heard it already. She You Will.

I'm coming to your house and robbing you of it. Malibu Mansion. 

High Speed Photography? don't mind if I do.

What the real Lunchables commercials shoulda looked like back in the day.

Dave Chappelle's first interview in five count em, five years.

I've showed you guys some of Alexa's stuff before. She likes to paint real objects in a certain way and then photograph them. 

she's hot by the way.

Hella Golden State.

Warren Buffett is the motherfucking truth. "Stop coddling the super rich"

Asian Dunks on LBJ, what more do you need to know in order to watch this?

I'm trying.

this is right up my alley, I like love crossing things out.

My Spidey senses are tingling.

I really like....her haircut. Serious.

it always does.

have mercy.

nothin' but a hound dog.

369 damn they fine.

you piss me off, and I won't hesitate to.

I want these so badly, I thought about harming innocent people for them.

haha I love this.

for all my gamers.

keep it raw.kin