Watch The Throne.

You all should know how much I adore Mr. West. This has to be one of my favorite albums, ever. I'm currently in the process of purchasing concert tickets, but I must say it's not easy. You all really must listen to this album, download it, burn it, steal it, borrow it, whatever yo, just do it.

Other than that, I've been thinking a lot about the dynamics of a good friendship. Exactly how much is too much truth. When one of your friends asks for your "honest" opinion, how much honesty do you withhold really...? I think my problem is that I'm more often than not, too truthful. I tend to speak my mind, which is usually not easy to swallow. I'd much rather have someone shoot me straight than avoid telling me what I should.need.must listen to. There are certain scenarios that not only test the foundations of each relationship, but there are definitely times where each person is tested. How much does one give, without the intentions of anything being reciprocated? Does a healthy functioning friendship/relationship need to be balanced? Should it? Or does it matter what each person is bringing to the table...? If one person leaves is it okay, as long as someone is watching the throne?

two. How have you changed in the past two years?
I've become a Junior at Bentley University. I've spent a lot more money, I've grown two years older, and I've got a lot to show for it. What the fuck have you done lately? [sorry I watched Wanted recently]

2. What I'm really bad at.
being on time. Lord knows I try, but it just never seems to happen, ever. I was late to my own graduation, I'm late to class, not to worry I'm investing in a watch by the end of the Summer.


I don't care who talks shit about my "man" hats. I love my fedoras, and they love me, I think..

one of my closest friends came to visit this past week, and we saw one night. please excuse my horrendous attire I came from work. I heard the Smurf movie was sub-par at best, but they're still cute !

trifecta visits Max Brenner. I really do encourage everyone to give it a go. They have awesome choctails, and look at the awesome glasses they come in!!!

skc and I attended a benefit party at the Double Tree rooftop to help raise money for a new kidney! Besides the fact that drinks were nine dollars it was a blast.

one and a half Asians present.

ace came to visit me for a week (o:3

clearly the most attentive fake life guard there is.

I'm stoked I got to use my beach mat from Hawaii, by far the best three dollars I've spent.

Okay I lied, the best money I've spent was on these bad boys. Hawaiian exclusive motherlovers.

Was cleaning my room and came across a few high school memories worth saving.

I've been trying to find the perfect handwritten slogan, but it's tough work!
so far this is the one I like the best. 

I can't believe I'm going to be graduating so soon. Time is flying by and it's like I'm just watching it pass.
I caught 2013 on the odometer so I thought it was worth a picture.

who's down to go bowling? if so, I say we should head on down to Boston Bowl. <--- see what I did there.

13th STREET – Bowlingheads (Case Video) from RUOK on Vimeo.

I fucking love garlic. My care cup is empty for the whole stinky breath issue. Garlic is bomb, and so is this rocker.

Piranha plant earrings! it's stuff like these that makes me wish I had pierced ears.

Edge Walk. Apparently anyone who loves thrillseeking can inch their way along the CN tower in tee oh are oh en tea oh. Did I mention the edge is over a thousand feet up?

Wastelandscape by Elise Morin and C. Eliard. made out of sixty thousand old CDs. this concept blows my mind outta the water. Just watch 'em.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

this is the weirdest phone case I have ever seen. what the actual fuck?

street art is amazing.

M. Lasserre, these are beyond amazing.

Stormbunny. Playtrooper.

this hoodie makes me want to giggles like a little girl, and vomit at the same time. (o:3

Allsort's this is either the greatest idea or the worst. I can't decide. I feel like if you're sober these could be kinda cool, but after a heavy night of drinking the next morning shower would be beyond brutal.

I am going to buy this. card/razor/amazingness. Carzor.

Vans will always be one of my favorite sneaker brands. They have a new collection Zapata Del Barcos! 

If you're a Yankees fan [which I am secretly just kidding Boston] then this wallet was made for you/me. It's lined with jerseys that were used in game. If only this came in Boston Celtic edition.

I'd like to pick up this too. Thank you K. Sorenson.

Can these be real? 

How much does this cost?! And where the hell can I get one.

HUF Spring '12

I would love eat cereal outta one of these babies. They're made from the bottoms, and couldn't be cooler. Grab em for less than forty.

oh and these too.

Christmas is coming early for all you JB fans out there, December 23rd to be exact. Concord XIs

Kate Upton x Complex Mag.

I thought about marrying this guy for a good five minutes, just so I could divorce him for the shoes. Then I realized none of them are in my size. Sad times, I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

hahahahah. this is a must see.

If only this watch didn't cost four bills. Nixon Rubber 51-30

Jason Dill. Dream Easy. Has easily been added to my list of books to buy for my future abode.

Converse x Gallery 1950 Jack Purcell

Jeremy G. These painting are beyond amazing.

Isfjord Gin & Vodka. Made from ice caps that melting now meaning it's made from water that's over a thousand years aged.

I showed you this concept over a year ago, and it still continues to astound me. It's a yacht that's going to cost around one billion dollars to build. 

this is the one time I'm going to say to not keep it raw. in fact I think the people at Naked & Famous need to cook this denim a little more.
Glow in the dark jeans. These scream hipster.

Impossible Cool Print Collection? Count me in.


louis and lucille armstrong

marcel duchamp, my man.

m. davis.

Dead Island looks pretty kickass, might have to buy my first video game in a months.

Adam Ellis these are hilarious haha. Although, I'd hate to be your Facebook friend on a bad night.

these dresses are awesome.

I watched this the other day, and it literally blew my mind. 42:1 people who die of overdose in Massachusetts a year to those who die at war.

 Wool AF1s? not sure how I feel about these, yet.

Banksy, I love this.

Gucci celebrate it's 90th year this year! Fall/Winter 2012

Head Porter '11 Winter

SUPREME goes to London.

Please be my future apartment, I beg you.

How To Make It In America Season deux

and just like that, time kept moving.

keep it raw.