Back Like I Never Ever Left.

Please don't feel like I'm neglecting my first born. So not only did I have a rocky start to the school year, but I'm just coming off a bitchass cold that consumed all my efforts to get better for that past week or so. Not to worry, now that I've officially been through as many and all roadblocks one could possibly imagine at the start of a new semester. You guys should be sure that I'm alive. And not going any where.

There's nothing sexier than a person with drive. I'm not sure what it is that is so appealing, maybe it's the fact that they have a goal and they know how to get what they want. Not to confuse drive with cockiness, and I'm not so sure if I'd classify it the same as confidence. Meh, idk all I do know is if you know where you're going in any situation [life, downtown, around the corner] it's attractive.

People really need to stop over thinking things. It only leads to chaos. Just let shit fall where it wants.

Because you never know when they'll stop.


Hood Gaga Kreayshawn for Complex mag.

this needs.should.will be the key to ze interweb access.

I would like this to be on my hand immediately. And by like I mean, I would easily harm a bunny for it. (o:3

along with this dress on my body.

Zoe your outfit is amazing, so are you. That is all.

Just in case you were doubting.

We've been gabbing a lot about logos in one of my Marketing classes, I just thought the progress was interesting. I'm sure I'm boring a lot of you.

lmfao. this is great.

They need to make kegs of this stuff.

he's that dude.

Opera's looking foxy.

ashtash this one's for you.


not really a big smoker, but who the hell wouldn't puff puff pass with this badboy? please, inform me.


what kinda calculator does this bitch have???

This is for all those people anticipating the iPhone5.

hehe I have cookies, now all I need is this mug and some milk.

can't head to class without my inflatable beard!!!!!!!! 

I think every city in America needs to have a billboard swing. But that's just me? <--- I doubt it.

I hate the smell of wet sponge, this is the next best thing since sliced bread.

space invaders!!

who wouldn't want a cardboard radio? that's what I fucking thought.

Nikon's taking a stab at Canon with their new 1 point and shoot/pro hybrid. Don't be fooled, these badboys cost anywhere from six hundo to a buck large.

Carbon Fiber bathtub...not really sure what the purpose of this is, but it looks pretty freaken neat.

Breast Cancer shirt, I really like this one.

oh Mickey you're so fine sharp? Wolverickey.

I wish my fish were alive right now, I'd by this bowl for them in a heartbeat. They'd think it was so interesting, considering they'd probably think it was a new place every other minute.

I just recently found out that this print pattern was called delft, who knew? anyways, you can get a delft press and make delft toast and put it on your delft plates. delft.delft.del.ft.

the fact that this is a real life working motorcycle blows my mind.

Luke it or not.

They need to have these in the states. Sleepbox! pretty self explanatory, you guys are smart [I know it].

I, pulled, up to a house....
Bel Air mansion.

Benz 300 SLR. replica made from yep, scrap metal. fucking ill.

DOPE couture LA.

Maybach 57 S edition 125. aka a shitton of money on wheels.

Kid Cudi for Complex.

Nike Sportswear Vac Tech Holiday '11

Natalie Irish paints...with her lips.

Erik R. these are fucking amazing, and I mean that exactly the way I said it.

street art is amazing. art is amazing.

wanna be on the cover of a magazine? now you can for forty bones.

Miss Angola wins Miss Universe. She's gorgeous, and this is gunna sounds bitchy as hell, but I've seen better? Her body is bangin though, no doubt.

blahblahblah LBJ 9's in Miami colorwayblah.

Jack Spade Industrial Canvas Bag dipped in latex, I know that sounds weird but it's for durability. Not to mention anything Jack Spade makes I usually find attractive, Kate too.

Anything from the Vans Vault belongs in my closet, not so sure about the color choice, but I could learn to work with it.

Audi RS5 aka on wheels. do me.

KRU 82 Vodka. this stuff comes in one of those neat aluminum bottles that are reusable!

San Pellegrino x BLVGARI classy meets classy-er

This pretty much says everything I feel about that God forsaken hell hole of a site.

and that's how you get detention boys!

YSL video shoot with Rachel Z.

Marquis Montes. I think this set is fantabulous.

LiLo for Philipp Pein by none other than Terry Richardson

I feel like every time I walk to class I see Sperry's multiplying by the second. Here's a look at their Fall line.

H&M Men Fall '11



Recycled bottle cap art.

If you're like me and you misplace your stuff on a regular basis, then this probably looks like a pretty shitty idea.


hope that's enough to hold you. (o:3

keep it raw.alive.well.