Say It Ain't So

I will not go, turn the lights off carry me home.

Of course my mouse broke this past week, so it's been making everything extremely difficult. I'm using my old razor <--- 1337, but I am in dire need of a new mouse. Nothing has been too exciting in the past week, but this upcoming week should be filled with interesting stuff to say the least. I'll keep you guys posted for sure.

this is usually what I throw on before class seeing as I fail at waking up.


this is just ridiculous and I mean that in a good way...I think? NSFW/Mormons <--- sorry I'm not sorry.

If any of you have played Portal before then I hope that you'll enjoy these drink coasters as much as I did. I thought they were pretty hilarious, but I guess that's just me.

How to Peel Garlic in less than Ten Seconds? oh okay.

Amazon has outdone themselves once again with their new Kindle Fire. You guys can get it for two bills. I mean it's pretty neat it's got a tougher screen and it has the ever so trendy "cloud storage".

here's a comparative look at the most popular tablets in the biz right now.

I want.need.must have a stack of these for my future abode. Who the hell doesn't want to lay on a huge stack of pancakes?? that's what I fucking thought.

this dude is ill, plus I love this song.

Does this come in silver? 

if not I'll take this, right after I change my underwear.

Stars in epaulettes? don't mind if I do. feel free to check out the rest.

I love this short. It's called Bistro.

Sub City New York.

Split Decision Pie Pan! I need to get this, preferably now but I'll wait until Thanksgiving. Apple and Sweet Potato. [RIP Grandpa, they'll never taste the same without you]

someone threw out a puppy. one, you have no soul. two, no soul and you're a piece of shit. three, lack of heart. end rant. This little cutie had swimmer syndrome which is when puppies are born and they just lay flat and can't move their limbs. They can however get better with daily massages like this studmuffin.

Just Do It. Pee in public, it's fine.

blahblahblah, cry my a river about there not being an iPhone5. With Siri as the new kinda creepy iRobot-esque virtual assistant. You can pretty much ask it anything and it'll get you the answer.

vee-dub buggy? This is so cute!

Friday Night Lights. The Complete Series? Hey Mom, Mommy, Ma, Ma, Mum, Mum, this is what I want for Christmas.

Check out the for Bacon Pumpkin Muffins. Not really sure how I feel about these though.

Death's Door Spirits! From Washington Island. I think their best spirit is whiskey, it's double distilled and packs a punch at 160 proof.

When I grow up, I'll be purchasing a SoundBar, for my stereo needs. Bose, you always know what I want, except apparently for the price seeing as this bad boy costs fifteen-hundo.

High end umbrellas from Davek Elite. Apparently they're a must in the business world, so I guess I gotta get on the bandwagon.

If you're a Star Wars fan than you'll love these Campus Wampa inspired sneakers from Adidas. They have horse hair, and a removable Star Wars insole all for a buck fiddy.

Air Max 90 Black & Volt.

I know I'm super late but here's Melanie Iglesias' Flip Book video.

I love sand sculpture competitions. Here's a look.

Vinti Andrews this is beyond amazing. It's a Nike Dog made outta SBs, Air Forces and Max's. 

never gets old.

Kanye's Clothing line, Dw.

I might be too strung out on compliments.

Drake ~ Headlines (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Don't be silly, wrap your Willy.

Delayed Exposure photos of Air Traffic Lights! aka dope.

Terry Richardson's Mom & Dad exhibition at colette.

Everything Is A Remix

this is the saddest letter I have ever read. It's to his three year old son. He died the next year of cancer at age thirty-eight.


this is what I do in my spare time.

everything about this is sexcellent.

and this is why men are idiots.

I wish I was cool enough to do stuff like this.

I could definitely go for a plate of this right now, instead I'm getting ready to be bored to death in a night class.

Hey Mister Presidente.

this is what my credit card should look like. That way I won't have so many fucking bills.

Who wants to see Drive with me? I'm being 100% serious.

well, that's all she wrote.

keep it raw.