I Know Better Than That.

That's game.

I'm not really sure what it is about people that think they're better than others. For some reason, I just don't get it. I thought to myself, maybe it's stupidity, ignorance, jealousy, envy even. Then I realized that it's probably a bit of all of them. Not really sure why people find putting others down for sport interesting. It's clear to me [an outsider] that you're only doing it to get closer to the group by singling someone out. There's no need to go out of your way to be rude towards someone in my opinion. It's clear that you both aren't too fond of the other, but why is it that one of you is civil and the other should be impaled with the nearest object. Here's a tip, you're not going to get laid so for the love of God stop trying. Take the stick out of your ass and stop thinking that by making someone feel like shit, you're miraculously going to be loved. They didn't like you then, and they sure as hell won't like you now. end rant.

For those of you who might have been on the short end of the stick, keep on killing them with kindness. They have no idea what to do with that stuff.

I'm currently trying to "shred" a t-shirt. I'm not even close to half way and I feel like I'm on the path to CT already.

I also did a shoot last week. I'm waiting for the rest of the images to arrive in the mail. Here are a few for preview purposes I guess. Meh.

I would appreciate it if someone bought these for my birthday, that is all.

Take me away from here, take me somewhere, where love is like dreaming.

My roommate and I have successfully cooked our first food in our illegal kitchen. It doesn't look quite like this, but you get the point.

You can get your face made into a 3D mask for oh I don't know, four large. Hipsters everywhere will start saving their money from Starbucks so they can actually be truthful when they say they're being themselves for Halloween. 

Wire sculptures by Gavin Worth. Me likey.

I love simple things, and this hanger screams nothing but.

Henry H. I love this set. "Food of the Rainbow"

The New World Trade Center.

I'm not really a fan of people going on diets. [unless they're absolutely necessary] but it you insist. How about using these bad boys.

Banksy Myths & Legends. It's supposed to hit shelves this November. ::cough:: birthday gift ::cough:: 

I just came across this video, haven't really heard a whole lotta his stuff but I think the video is dope.

Nasty- NaS

The Avengers <--- cannot wait.

Hip-Hop heads by Dale Murray.

Good Wood x Jack Threads.

Brony Bron Bron released his Cannons last week, so if you were in Me-ah-me you had exclusivity over other places. Although I'm not a fan of the shoe nor the athlete, it's the first sneaker to mix Flywire and Hyperfuse.

If I get married these are going to be my invitations, no doubt.

apparently people are now wrapping chickens in clay and baking them like that. If anyone's down to do this for Turkey Day let me know, not gunna even try to lie this looks like fun.

Holiday '11 Nike Livestrong 

Absolut Crystal Pinstripes. For almost two grand you can have this custom cut bottle added to your collection. It comes with fancy cloth too.

Friday The 13th collection.

I'm not really a fan of Beats but I think I might have to spring for this. In black of course.

Nike Destroyer Jacket. attention men everywhere, please buy this for casual winter wear. That way I can permanently borrow it for personal use, that is all.

Lola these are awesome. Shrapnel Portraits.

Surface To Air mountain boots. I wish you guys made these for women.

If you love sashimi please watch this. Foodgasms will ensue.

thank you to all my new readers and of course my old ones. I wouldn't know where I'd be without you.

keep it raw.