Remember Remember the Fifth Second of November.

I know it's not the fifth nor is it the second but I love this month. Not really for the fact that I happened to be born in it but because you get to eat a shitton and it's socially acceptable and because you just get to indulge in typical American-consumer behavior ie: buy a shitton of crap you don't need for people you probably don't really know anything about nor care to. Sorry this may sound a tad bit angry.mean.judgmental. but then again who isn't and it's meant to. I just recently watched a documentary? on the "Lost Boys" of Sudan, who literally have nothing. I'm not really a fan of calling them lost seeing as they're clearly the ones that are found... but that's a different issue. I think that the most important thing I took away from it was that they said "there is no heaven on earth, only suffering". These people lost their families, children, brothers & sisters, not to mention all personal belonging which were nothing compared to a ninety-seven inch tv or a purse that costs hundreds of dollars because of a couple initials on it. And now I'm rambling and sounding morbid and emo haha so I'll stop. It just makes me question even posting half the shit I planned on, as so many people don't even have access to read what you're reading right now.

Kibbee Kruger.

my attempt at being scary...epic phail.

I love beer and I love chicken. Probably not enough to dedicate an entire album of my non-existent music to it but enough to show it to you guys haha.

I was born on the second of the month. I like cake, my favorite number is two, I got pesto, money, beer, an edible arrangement and hugs for it. Nothing like food and hugs.

I bought this dress last winter and it's probably one of my favorite article of clothing (of color) cuz if you know me than you know I wear black on occasion . <--- ha. Motel is a great brand ladies, check out their stuff.

I love my grandpa, random I know. Just found a picture of him the other day. Rest in paradise gong gong.

Nike x Supreme = Nike SB '94 that has Zoom Air technology. Comes in wheat and metallic. If you're down to cop head to your nearest Supreme store on the tenth.

9five eye wear! Holiday Collection.

Jordan Hoffart for 9five Eyewear from Mike Metcalf on Vimeo.

Justin Bieber raps over Otis? just as shocked as you

If you are a fan of Air Maxes then you'll definitely be a fan of this book. Matt Stevens compiled one hundred photos and the book costs fifty bills.

slip case.

Dubstep Beatboxing? I'll give it a go.

Manny Pacquiao x Nike? anyways check out his stuff I think some of it is pretty dope actually.

Back Black Flip. Jordan is keeping their black-on-black-on-black thing going with these. I have the white ones and I think I'll stick with those. But...if you're a fan, if you dish out a buck fifteen on Dec. 3rd they're yours.

I've always loved varsity jackets, I'm still patiently waiting to find one that fits me from a brand that I don't immediately want to stab. October's Very Own x Roots Varsity Jackets. This will be coming out in T-O-R-O-N-T-O on 11/15 based off Drake's Take Care album [despite the leak]. 

I wish I got cool custom shit like this for my birthday, damn Aubrey, you tryna share?
Good Wood x All Things Fresh.

Tyler, The Creator and Terry Richardson.

Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen, I'm pretty sure that means illnasty photos in German? 


My boss let me test out some beats so I've been one of those people walking around not being able to hear anyone. Pretty sure I'm the only female that wears Vans and Beats at the same time, or at any time for that matter.

Speaking of them, the store opened in NYC and here are a few custom designs.

bitchass Kobe

A. Sailer these are fucking amazing. I love when things explode as well as exploding them myself. But that's another post...

Enzo Dinolfo. bravo.

GTA V. Let's go.

Jordan I KO Pack. Personally 1's are my favorite, and for some reason I really am fond of the brown ones. Go figure.

I honestly cannot wait for the oreos to drop again. Feb. 18th save the motherfucking date.

Now make that motherfucker hammer time.

Pendleton x Shwood Sunglasses. These definitely kick Ray Bans ass in the protection of retinal scarring field.

Maniac by Kid Cudi and Cage.


I want these for Christmas. Steel ice cubes: they're filled with non-toxic gel so they're safe!

Nissan 2013MY GT-R do me.

11.11.11 you can get a pair of Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 574s


this could work..

Skin Flickr for S Magazine. these are

Darren A. love this set.

fucked FUCT. mugs.

Petros C. I love how big your ___ are.


Skin - Trailer from Stamp on Vimeo.

that's is for now, I seemed to have bit off more than I can chew <-- rare.

speaking of rare..

keep it raw.