Brooklyn You're a Blast.

The thing about me and New York is that I'm half in and half out. Part of me has always pictured myself living there. It's so lively, so happening, fast, furious, fashun. It will also eat you the fuck alive if you’re not ready for it. Boston will always be my home, no matter if I’m in Australia, Japan, or living out of my car. My parents are my rock, I don’t know where I would be without them.

I wouldn’t be alive for one, but they’re always there for me. I know I can count on them, day or night, if I called, they would be there. I have so much history here, a lotttt of firsts, but definitely not any lasts.

Every time I visit the city, yes New York – it’s only ever New York when you say the city, I picture myself there. Sometimes it fits, sometimes it’s too much all at once, yet somehow never enough. That feeling you get when you start a show and the pilot draws you in, and you have to wait and wait until the next week to get an update on how everything is gunna play out. That’s how I feel sometimes.

hat | aritzia
white tee + jeans | uniqlo
leather | club moncaco
cardigan | hm
choker | shoelace
trigenic flex | clarks