White Button Down.

If there’s one article of clothing that you should have in your wardrobe, it’s a white button down.

Why? They’re extremely utilitarian and can dress up or down an outfit.

I love the truly no-iron ones – moms put me on. They’re great for those days where you have nothing to wear but want to look put together. Trust me, no one is going to know that you rolled out of bed, may or may not have showered and forgot to put deodorant on if you have a white button down on, truuusst.

A great white button down, unbuttoned, can double as a cover-up. You can tire it around your waist for a more laid back look, or tuck it into a midi skirt.

No-iron/wrinkle free – invest if a few of these and don’t look back.

button down (no-iron) | ralph lauren
jeans | uniqlo
blazer | f21
"choker" | necklace doubled
boots | clarks