California, California, Here We Come.

California. West Coast. Chill

That’s what I grew up thinking the “best” coast was about.

I travelled to California for the first time (besides the airport, because that doesn’t really count) last year, and had a blast.

The amount of fresh produce, places to hike, cool stuff, In-N-Out, acai bowls, did I mention In-N-Out? is amazing. The moment I stepped off the plane, I was greeted with smilies, succulents, and fresh air.

I spent a while in Santa Barbara - work conference, and I met some amazing people. I took a stroll one day before the meetings kicked in, and grabbed some breakfast by myself at this place.


Got the best egg combo, and met an awesome man who was telling me about his world travels, and overall life. He told me how he ate so much hash in (H)Amsterdam that he missed his train to London. That was just one of the stories. He was the sweetest guy, gave me some great places to check out on my drive up the coast, and was just overall exactly what I pictured people of Cali to be like. 

After my work conference, I rented a car and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway with some new friends - needless to say, it was worth it.

Spent a few days in Oakland, and even got a chance to visit Boston's Sister-City, San Francisco.

Had amazing food, and checked out some cool local spots. Hitting up Chinatown was a no-miss for me in any city, and I was thoroughly impressed.

Cali, you're alright (o:3