Where You Been At?

You ever have people hit you with that line, and just want to immediately exit the conversation with a quickness? same same. The truth is I’ve been here, just in a different capacity. I took some time to myself over the past year+ and quite honestly didn’t really feel like fucking updating everyone.anyone. I spent some time looking through old stuff I had written and really wanted to channel that version myself, the one who was willing to put it all (okay, not all but a good amount) out there. The person who felt confident in knowing that at least they could fall back on this space to work through those things - without judgment or fear.

Getting over a relationship is fucking hard. It doesn’t matter if it ended poorly, amicably or ::insert any other unfortunate reason here:: - either way it’s difficult. It’s especially difficult when we live in a world filled with (anti-social) social media and essentially have to put on a front that everything’s chill, all.of.the.time.


And I’m not talking just about romantic relationships. I’m talking friendships, people you used to run into that might not live here anymore, or family members that may have moved away.

And it only gets tougher as you get older, because life starts to get in the way. People’s priorities shift, and that’s okay. But when it’s not, is when the effort that both parties need to put into said relationship becomes overwhelmingly unbalanced, and that urge to want to continue as a unit fades. Those are the moments that we should really be paying attention to, not the other trivial shit that gets in the way like “you didn’t text me back” or flaking on plans for the twelfth time.

It’s when you suddenly stop wanting to text them or invite them into your life that then poses an issue.

So this is where I’m at now, take it or leave it.