Has Spring, Sprung?


I haven't done favorites in a while because I'm not entirely sure I like that format. Any who here's a quick update on things that I've been doing, music I've been listening to, and food I've been eating - ya heard?!

Although I know we're getting close to Summer, I feel like Spring has been a bit of a miss. The weather has been up and down lately, and we've only had a handful of days that had beach-worthy weather. 

I know it's "officially" Spring, but has it really sprung? - it was around fifty degrees this morning so....there's that


There's always room for Shabu. Whether it's a bit chilly, you're hungover, or you want something to eat that will relax you. If you haven't had hot pot before, get in touch with me, I WILL TAKE YOU.


I ran a 5k last month! Seeing as I hadn't run in months, I twisted my ankle, I was pleased with the results.

Got to hang out with some new friends in the city, eat some great tapas, and take a selfie in a DASH store.

Came back to some great weather, and my best friend came home for a visit. Perfect weather for rompers I tell ya!

If you haven't been to Picante, you're straight up missing out in life.

steak quesadilla with a side of sour cream and guac - perfection.

steak quesadilla with a side of sour cream and guac - perfection.

Toro y Moi and Bam Bam Baklava aka Action Bronson were in town. They smashed it.

CLLCTV BOSTON helped promote TOGETHER FEST. and I got a chance to kick it with world-class cats like Sango & his lovely partner in crime, and Stwo. We talked about everything from who's beefing with who, to how to properly follow the dietary restrictions of Judaism.

Some cats were getting down at Middle East that night.

and lastly, I broke my #niftyfifty while in San Juan, here's a sneak peek.

keep it raw.