My First Time In Montreal!

I went to Montreal last year and had a great time. 

Everyone was extremely help and friendly (expect for one bouncer at a strip club), they made us feel welcomed. 

Note : both of my awesome travel partners speak fluent French, so I'm aware that this is kind of cheating because they were my personal translators (everyone speaks English for the most part, so you have nothing to worry about).

We stayed at an Airbnb right by Chinatown - it was a super convenient location, easy to walk to and from, and not to mention they have great mirrors in their elevators for selfies.

Wine tastings are a thing here! We pretty much walked along the boardwalk, before heading into more historic/scenic area.

After looking at some maple syrup vendors, we took a stroll to find a place to grab a bite and something to drink.

It was pretty comfortable temperature-wise, I was okay wearing a sweater, a leather jacket, and a borrowed scarf, but at night it can be a bit chilly there.

leather jacket | club monaco
sweater | thrifted
scarf | borrowed ;)
jeans | uniqlo
OG Nike free | A.P.C.
faux leather backpack, gold pocket watch | f21

I wish I had more time to check out the every-popular, ever-growing street art scene.
Here are a few that I caught though

We got a chance to do what every self-respecting person should do when visiting Canada, get poutine and explore.

I would highly recommend checking out Montreal if you're headed up North - I can't wait to back and explore some more! Would love any and all recommendations of places to go, or things to do or eat.

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