The Art of Mobile.

Yes there is an art to it.
No, I have not mastered it. 

I find myself guilty of texting.scrollingbrowsing while being in the company of others, I'm not gunna lie to you. I've been called out and I've done some calling out as well.

There's always a time and place to be on your cell phone. 
There are also times where you probably just put that shit away, too.

I know this goes hand in hand, in the literal sense that it's so easy, in fact too easy to stay connected. We have chargers in our cars, at work, pocket battery packs, why? So we can make sure our phone stays charged so we can miss out on physical human contact with each other instead. It's absurd, but we all do it.

The chances that you're probably reading this on your cell phone are pretty high, and we've come to terms as a society that this behavior is alright.

I've let some of my food get cold before eating it to snap a picture, guilty as charged. I've also been that girl taking photos in a dimly lit spot just to get the perfect photo that I'll probably look at once or twice (while editing it) and never again - and for what? 

We live on our phones. Or do we live for our phones?

Next time you're out with your friends, keep your phone tucked away and look up, look around, engage. Try going a full dinner.nightday without being on your phone except to answer calls (because if it truly is important, they will call.), and take note in the differences you experience.

I logged how many times a day I check my phone, and for what purpose - you'd be amazed at the stupid reasons why we do this shit.

We can all start small, maybe it goes from habitually checking social media or emails when we're waiting to carving out specific time slots in our day for that.

Instead of letting our phones control us, resist the urge to check your phone every time you get a notification from one of the 834971565 apps you have, and just let it be. 

The devices were designed to connect us, as people, not as pixels.

just some words for thought.