Sex And The Modern City (1.06) - Secret Sex

This episode starts off with all the girls helping Carrie get ready for her first official date with Big – and she’s wearing a next to nothing dress.

“I’m not gunna have sex, I’m just gunna look like sex” – Carrie

Okay my girlfriends and I have definitely done this - dressed provocatively to attract mens attention, and we still do every once in a while. It can be fun! I mostly dress up for myself, because the better I look for myself, the more confident I feel. 
There's no better feeling sometimes than putting on a great pair of jeans that fit you just right, or that dress that hugs you in all the right places, armed with perfect hair and perfect shoes and having a night out on the town.
While the prude of the group urges Carrie not to sleep with him on the first date, not everyone else seems to be in agreement.

“I thought you were serious about this guy, you can’t sleep with him on the first date” – Charlotte
“I guy can just as easily dump you if you fuck him on the first date, then if you wait till the tenth” – Samantha
"But isn’t it better to find out if the sex is bad, that way no one’s feelings get hurt" - Samantha

While I'm not suggesting whether it's right or wrong to sleep with someone on the first date, nor am I here to judge because I don't think any of that really matters.
Sure, there's probably some truth to what Charlotte is saying about waiting until you know someone. Then again, Samantha does have a point. Why wait to figure out if you have that sort of chemistry with someone? 

I used to be in shock of people who would wait until they were married to have sex, but I understand if you're doing it for your personal reason. Me - I would much rather know if it's going to work out before we walk down the aisle, because I definitely know I'm only trying to do that thing once.
"Isn’t delayed gratification the definition of maturity?" – Carrie
This couldn't be more true, as I get older I start to realize that any good thing is worth waiting for, buuttt there are those times where you have to go out and take what's yours too!
“How many of us out there are having great sex with people we’re ashamed to introduce to our friends?” - Carrie

Carrie gets a bit upset because it seems like Big doesn't want her around or at least when they run into a couple that he knows on the street, he doesn't introduce her. 

It made me wonder about whether or not I've ever been on either side of this situation. There's definitely been some times where I've been embarrassed to tell my friends about the person I was talking to at the time, or interested in. And I'm sure there have been some similar times where they might not have been sure that they could openly talk about me either! 
“Was secret sex the ultimate form of intimacy? Since it existed in a pure state, exempt from the judgment of the world, or is it just another way we deny our feelings and emotionally compartmentalize our lives?” - Carrie

I'm not really sure where I stand on that. You could argue that something like this should only be between those involved or it starts to lose it's purity and innocence. You could then argue that people have that feeling where they want to shout each others names from the rooftops!