To The Strongest Woman I Know.

Thank you for always putting your family before yourself. Thank you for always thinking of others when you could easily just be selfish. Thank you for taking care of our every need instead of your own. Thank you for always being encouraging no matter the obstacle we face. Thank you for always being right whether it's about the weather or whether to bring a jacket. Thank you for your unconditional and unwavering love and affection, no matter how many times I ungratefully shoo you away. Thank you for always being so hospitable and welcoming, and for providing for our family. Thank you for ensuring that I have all of the opportunities that you never did. Thank you for falling in love with dad, so that I could exist to write this post about the strongest woman I know.

I love you mom, happiest of days to the mother I hope to be in the future. I wouldn't be here without you.

And for all of you out there who are lucky enough to have someone to call mom at this very moment, thank her for all the sacrifices she has and will continue to make so that you have the best life possible. Because we don't tell them enough or nearly as often.

keep it thankful.