Visiting Familee | District of Columbia.

A while back I had the chance to visit my cousins in DC! 

I'd been there before, so most of the tourist-y stuff was taken care of. 

The premise of this trip wasn't to bar hop, see the sights, it was to spend quality time with my cousins while we all still can.

My cousin Rob has re-enlisted in the USMC, or the Marines for short, and will be leaving for Okinawa, Japan this week. 

This short trip was filled with, but not limited to, hand-crafted cocktails in the comforts of my cousins apartment, subs the size of my torso, enough pizza for a small village, and memories that will last for quite some time.


After a quick flight we were greeted with enough drinks to take a bath, not that anyone is complaining.

my cousin is an expert at a lot of things, bartender - added to the list.
her and her boyfriend have collected so many cool/essential types of liquors, I strive to have a bar as fully functional as theirs.

we had the pleasure of heading over to BarMini after catching up with an old friend (new to me). 

Everything about this place was spot on. From the decor and interior design, to the knowledgable staff and the creations themselves.

If you're ever in the area and feel like splurging, order the chicharrones, you're welcome.

&Pizza is so fucking good. 
Really, what could be better than gourmet fast-food pizza? I'll wait.

night cap anyone?

the next day we drove to Virginia to visit my cousins and for lunch/breakfast we ordered battleships (subs) that were the size of the entire table.

keep it raw.