Sex And The Modern City (1.02) - Models and Mortals

“Modelizers are a particular breed, they’re a step beyond womanizers who will sleep with just about anything in a skirt.”

So this episode is all about how the girls (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte) deal with putting up with self-conscious tendencies that most of us women have. The episode is centered around how there are so many models that live in the city, that it only amplifies that tiny voice inside your head that says “I’m not pretty enough”.

Fuck that voice, because you are.

“It’s regular people when they’re on vacation – Barclay (Gabriel Mach)”

I think we’re all victim to this idea of what a “model” is or what they do even. In today’s world, where you can see what Kylie Jenner is doing at any given second pretty much, we paint this crazy picture that models/celebrities are just constantly living it up.

While I disagree that regular people can’t act like we’re on vacation on a regular basis, I do agree that we need to keep that mantra more often. 

I’ve definitely fell victim to taking things way to damn serious, we all have. 

“would it be weird to dance at this party right now? ugh, I love this song…but no one else is dancing, better not embarrass myself” - that’s usually the internal conversation I have when I hear my jam, but the mood isn’t quite right - or is it? and I just need to grow a pair and dance no matter what kinda looks I get.

“I find it fascinating that four beautiful, flesh and blood, women could be intimidated by some unreal fantasy.”

Dude, living in 2016 is fucking hard. You know how many hours I’ve wasted scrolling fashion blogs, or getting lost in the Instagram weeds all the while thinking “damn, I wish I looked like that” or “I really should do ___ more often”. It’s crazy. While I love social media (I do it for a living) I also am the most anti-social, social person there is. Mainly because I hate the idea that you aren’t enough. 

 “I’m totally self-conscious, like before I say something, I say it in my head first so it doesn’t come out wrong.”

We all have those moments. The ones where you come up with the perfect comment, comeback, joke after it’s way too late. If only you had thought of that in the moment right? More often than not - you would have if you let yourself! Seriously, you ever feel those moments when you’re just ON. Like, you feel and look good, everything seems to be working in your favor, you’re giving em line after line after line. Imagine if you could do that all the time tho. 

You can, it’s called listening to yourself, and owning it, regardless of what the lamebrains say or do. The more you can tap into the side of you that always knows the right things to say at the right time, the more self confident and rest-assured you’ll become. Trust.

 “Being beautiful is like having a rent controlled apartment overlooking the park, completely unfair, and usually bestowed up on those who deserve it least.”

I’m not going to take the vain approach and use this towards people - everyone’s perception of beauty if different - that’s what makes life beautiful.

“The thing is this, after a while you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh. – know what I mean?”

This couldn’t be more true. With enough dating apps out there, that you need a terabyte hard drive just to store them all, there’s no denying that we’ve become pretty vain. At the end of the day, you’re not going to learn a damn thing about a person from one of these “profiles”, you have to go out and meet them. How they order their food, what their favorite place to unwind is, or when they seriously can’t walk any further. You’ve got to learn about a person before you ‘judge’ them, and even after you’ve learned everything there is to know (impossible) you accept it, because it’s what makes them different.

keep it raw.