Don't Be Afraid To Be Successful.

Success is a tricky thing- sometimes achieving it can be crippling, scary, might even feel undeserving.

Set realistic goals for yourself - nothing is going to happen overnight (for the most part) it's going to take hard work, determination, you're going to get upset. You're going to ask yourself if it's worth it - when you already know the answer, yes.

Once you set your mind to something, fixate. 

Understanding that success is just as hard as obtaining it - knowing how to feel comfortable when you get there (and you will) isn't going to be easy either. That's why we have to set new goals for ourselves.

The goals I set for myself might seem unrealistic to some, and easily achieved by others. Everything is relative to your vantage point.

Got a new job? That's amazing! Now let's focus on getting to the next level.

If you're anything like me then you'll understand this insatiable feeling that you're not doing enough, that there's always room for growth, to do more, to be better. And if you're not constantly doing a million and one things, you're doing nothing.

The most difficult thing about success you ask? The thought that you can't obtain it, because that's usually what makes you successful. Weird isn't it?